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Functional Decor in Our Home that Doubles as Storage

Having enough storage is one of the keys to an organized, clean home in my opinion. When I’m picking out furniture and decor, I always try to pick pieces that are both functional AND pretty! Today I’m sharing some functional decor pieces in our home that double as extra storage (and hidden storage – even better!).

Keep on scrolling for all the details, and as always, thanks for reading!

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walmart bathroom decor

12+ Functional Walmart Bathroom Decor Finds

I’m all about home decor that is both pretty and functional, which is why I love these Walmart bathroom decor finds I’m about to share! I’ve had these Walmart finds since we first moved into our apartment and have used them all daily. The stackable ceramic jar is my favorite because it’s great to store little daily things like q tips and cottons rounds! Keep on scrolling to see a few of my favorite Walmart bathroom finds.

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kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization Ideas for a Small Apartment

One of the more challenging parts of living in a small apartment is finding space for all your stuff, especially in the kitchen. And, like us, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen and want it to feel organized and clean. Since the first day we moved into our first apartment together, I’ve been on the hunt for kitchen organization and storage ideas and I’ve been able to find so many…

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