12+ Functional Walmart Bathroom Decor Finds

walmart bathroom decor

I’m all about home decor that is both pretty and functional, which is why I love these Walmart bathroom decor finds I’m about to share! I’ve had these Walmart finds since we first moved into our apartment and have used them all daily. The stackable ceramic jar is my favorite because it’s great to store little daily things like q tips and cottons rounds! Keep on scrolling to see a few of my favorite Walmart bathroom finds.

Our Christmas Living Room Decor

christmas living room

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite corners of our Christmas living room, with both day and night views. This is our first Christmas as a married couple and I wanted to have a cozy, festive apartment but not spend a fortune on Christmas decor, either. I was able to find so many great pieces from Amazon, Target, and Walmart to create this space and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Nightstand Refresh

Sharing a little home DIY with you today! Changing out hardware is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a difference in a space. At the moment, our white dresser and white nightstands have matching silver hardware and I’ve been wanting to switch them out for darker ones since we want to go more for a more “moody neutral” vibe in our bedroom.

This Week’s Amazon Best Sellers

amazon best sellers

Hope you all had a great week! Here’s this week’s top three best sellers on my Amazon storefront. I’ve included a video showing them in our apartment as well as a few roundups of other Amazon finds I’ve shared on my LTK recently!

5 Walmart Christmas Decor Finds under $50

walmart christmas decor

We all love a good affordable find, and today I’m sharing five Walmart Christmas decor finds under $25! When it comes to seasonal decor, I try extra hard to find good affordable options since they are only used for a few months of the year and if I’m being honest..