Target Vase and Stem Combinations for the Holiday and Winter Season

target vase

Sharing a few of my favorite Target vase and stem combinations (and one potted arrangement) for the holiday season and winter months to come! These vases are neutral and versatile which makes them staple decor pieces. Switching out the stems each season is an affordable and easy way to refresh and update a room.

Apartment Christmas Decor

target christmas decorations

It’s my favorite decorating season of the year – time to decorate for the holidays 😍 This will be our first Christmas in our apartment together and I’m so excited for all the cozy, merry apartment Christmas decor. And since we are newlyweds trying to save money, I’ve been on the hunt for affordable Christmas decor that makes our apartment feel festive and welcoming without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Organization Ideas for a Small Apartment

kitchen organization

One of the more challenging parts of living in a small apartment is finding space for all your stuff, especially in the kitchen. And, like us, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen and want it to feel organized and clean. Since the first day we moved into our first apartment together, I’ve been on the hunt for kitchen organization and storage ideas and I’ve been able to find so many…

Styling Our Target Shelves and Accent Table

target shelves

We’ve recently added this Target shelving unit to our living room space and have been loving it! It’s the perfect height for our tall ceilings and I love the modern organic look of the natural wood tone with black framing. These Target shelves are such a classic piece that could fill an empty space in any room in your home, and a great way to add character and personality to a room. I currently have

Walmart Air Fryer + Other Walmart Appliances We Love

walmart air fryer

Sharing one of my favorite, most used Walmart appliances with you today – our Walmart air fryer! I think an air fryer is an essential for apartment living and we use this one almost daily, if not several times a day. We make so many different things in it and it’s fast with little to no